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Enjoy these Funny , Nerdy computer science pick Up Lines for Computer Geeks !

Computer Science Pick Up Lines makes you crazy when you wish to share some interesting sentence with some one . It is one of the most trendy lines and sentences that are liked by every one.
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Top Best  Computer Pick up lines are based on computer based sentences that makes you stand out. These are good lines to make any conversation fabulous .

Computer is an integral part of every ones life so these cool chat or conversation lines.
In these sentences computer term is used as a main object to express thoughts and intelligence for spice up the chat or verbal communication.

Computer Science Pick Up Lines for Computer Geeks

Funny Nerdy Computer Science Pick Up Lines 

All keywords prove our relationship by having U and I together.
Are you a touch SCREEN, each time I see you I wish to TOUCH you.
Are you YOUTUBE as I want to watch you all the time?
Can I acess all your VARIABLES?
Can I access your PRIVATE PARTS?
Can I call you my personal?
Can I put your name as my LapTop Password !
Can I rest or sleep on your curved lap top?
Can you allow me to access your BODY along with your personal data storage?
Can you create a folder named LOVE in your life?
Computer keyword proves our relationship as U and I are together there.
Do not touch my computer system it is only for genius people like me.
Don't be like errors in my computer, hard to solve.
Google and YOU are same, as both of you have answers of all my questions.
Guess what I TYPE first I start my COMPUTER it's your NAME.
Have you notice that YOU and I are TOGETHER in every KEYWORD.
Hey Baby please store me in you permanent memory.
Hey beautiful girl I invite you to sit on my LAP TOP.
Hey beautiful girl, I never mind if you sit on my laptop.
Hey girl, I think you are so HOT as my laptop bottom base.
I always BACK UP you.

Pick Up Lines for Computer Geeks

I am a fermium and only available for free to selected people like YOU.
I am accessible to you any time.
I am always available for girls especially when they wish to unzip their body.
I am selling my HEART with 100% discount only for you.
I am sending LOVE SIGNALS since long time please ACCEPT.
I am VIRUS free why you afraid with me.
I am without you is like a MAC book without APPLE.
I bet I can UNZIP all of your files.
I buy my computer only to connect with you.
I do have a joy stick in my pants, thanks for noticing.
I feel your presence is as GREAT as I see RIDICULOUS and UNWANTED pop up ads.
I get self increment each time I see you.
I have 99% uptime.
I have a better UP TIME.
I have a heart card slot, but it is VACANT, if you don't mind please insert your BEAUTIFUL heart there.
I have filled my heart with your memories and dream so there is NO SPACE for anyone else to stay there.
I have lots of free space in my heart to store your memories.
I have only one heart for saving another heart and it is free for you.
I have thousands of screen savers of yours in my mind.
I invite you to enjoy my LAPTOP.
I keep FREE SPACE in my heart to save beautiful girls like YOU.
I like ultra slim girls with stylish looks like my laptop.
I lost all my LIFE FILES in your eyes.
I love only TWO things I this world YOU and my COMPUTER.
I love you like
I may be your best firewall to protect you from the rest of the world.
I promise I will give extra security and lifelong warranty.
I promise I will protect you from all harmful public variables.
I promise you will throw all your sorrows in  recycle bin once you will be mine.
I should say thanks to FaceBook that brings us together even we are having distances.
I think GOOGLE will show YOU as SUGGESTED QUERY if someone searches ME on there.
I think you can be the best option for AUTOCOMPLETE me.
I think you have injected a virus in ME its name is LOVE.
I think, I will be your computer PASSWORD soon.
I want to add a wonderful password on my laptop can you provide me your mobile number?
I want to erase you from life like I wish to remove virus from my laptop.
I want to PROTECT you from all evils.
I want to read your FACE like a BOOK.
I want to remove all SPACE between YOU and ME.
I will feel GREAT if you SAVE ME in your HEART.
I wish I have SPECIAL ACESS to you.
I wish I may be your keyword so that you will touch me with your soft hands every where.
I wish if I have exclusive rights to acess you.
I wish to fill all EMPTY SLOTS of yours.
I wish to make your photo as my desktop wall paper.
I wonder you are an innocent girl but you have all SECRET KEYS of Adults.
I would like to Google you.
If I am HARDWARE you are SOFTWARE we both need to come together to make a SYSTEM
If I was software, I will crash on your LAPTOP.
If you are a Search Engine, I will search you all the time.
If you are OK can I play with your SECRET DATA?
If you want to sell your HEART at eBay, I will be the FIRST buyer.
If you would like , Can I fix problems of your personal laptop.
It will be my honor to EXECUTE your INSTRUCTIONS.
Let me hack your heart.
Let me work do not show you annoying face like these non sense pop up ads.
My eyes are like SECRET camera those looks at you every time.
My heart and brain BOOTS UP as soon as I see you.
My heart has a hidden TRACKING SYSTEM that gives me SIGNAL about YOU.
My heart was safe until you did not know its PASSWORD "LOVE".
My LAPTOP battery backup is enough to chat with you all night.
My laptop is as slim and smooth as you.

Funny , Nerdy Computer PickUp Lines

My life gets new operating system each time I see you.
My life is as FUNCTION LESS as a computer without OS.
My life will not START properly without you.
My personal computer is a BIG STOCK of yours pictures.
My processor reacts as soon as I feel your presence.
Never go away out of my RANGE.
Our hearts are connected like invisible Wi-Fi.
Please add me on FACEBOOK.
Please DELETE all OLD files from your life.
Please give me your address I want to make it my Home Page.
Please ignore all my ERRORS.
Please make a free space and save me in your heart.
Please make a PERMANENT STORAGE AEA for me in Your HEART FOLDER.
Please save me in the inner most folders of your memory.
Please say "I LOVE YOU" so that I can ACESS you with ALL RIGHTS.
Please share your password so that I will connect myself with you.
Please tell me you're PASSWORD so that I can enter in your life.
Remember me like you remember your computer password.
Some time boys hidden joy stick gives standing ovation to girls.
The best name for you is Wi-Fi as I feel a connection with you.
There is no difference in a computer and you as both are easy to operate.
Trust me I am accessible everywhere and user friendly to girls.
Trust me I am user friendly and loyal as computer.
We both are range of HOT SPOT, please accept my connection request.
You are GOOGLE as you have all that I wish to have in my life.
You are HIDDEN FOLDER in my heart that no one knows except me.
You are HOME PAGE of my LIFE.
You are hotter than bottom of my laptop.
You are KEYS of my happiness.
You are like ANTI VIRUS in my heart that keeps away all HARMFUL attacks.
You are my LIFE CYCLE.
You are so SOFT, I may call you SOFTWARE.
You are the best operating system that can operate me best.
You are the perfect auto-complete for me.
You can acess free CONNECTION with ME any time with no password.
You can afford me as I am Inexpensive.
You graphics and shapes are awesome.
You have KEYS to open my heart.
You have the invisible force that is pulling by software to hardware.
You image is saved in my RAM, ROM and secondary memory for forever.
You may live longer and happier if you INSERT ME in your life.
Your heart is PRIMARY key of mine.
Your voice is a SIGNAL to my HEART.

Hope you have enjoyed and make the full fun by reading and sharing these computer science pick up lines .  Cool computer geeks will love these funny , nerdy and classic pick up lines.

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