Funny Math Pick Up Lines

Math is the great way to express our self , these funny math pick up lines help any one to express their felling with a naughty angle.

These classic lines are sure the favorite ones for those who like math and entertainment .

Funny Math Pick Up Lines

  • My love for you is always increasing as an growing series.
  • I am interested in only one number in this world , that is Your Phone number.
  • I like your Zero size Figure.
  • Your curves are so attractive , I wish to take a ride .
  • Can I  fill  the distance between YOU and Me ?
  • Can I be the hypotenuse in between your legs.
  • Hey Girl if you are a 6 then I want to be your reverse , ie 9 , so that we will have 69 bonding.
  • I give 10/10 to your perfect figure.
  • My love for you grows exponentially each second.
  • You + Me = One
  • You have infinite beauty  .
  • Can you teach me Math , I am zero at it.
  • I want to UNION with you tonight.
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