WhatsApp Funny Quotes about Exam Results

WhatsApp Funny Quotes about Exam Results will make you happy ! All have hard times when it comes to result day , you feel nervous even you have done your exams good or not so good. All eyes are on you and you feel excited about the results. These funny status will help you to share situation of this day in a perfect manner . All the best for better results this time and next time ...

WhatsApp Funny Quotes about Exam Results

  • Exams are over , result is in hand , Thanks God !
  • A narrow escape , I am in next semester with out compartment.
  • Thanks you all friends for nice support in exam hall . I passed.
  • Results day make us tired nervous & sick .
  • I’m the type of person who want to get good grades but doesn’t want to study.
  • After my results All is Well .
  • Team work always work in exams  , this my results tells.
  • I surprised how I passed in my exams ,  But I am happiest person on earth today.
  • At result night , it is hard to sleep even after taking sleep pills.
  • God I pray , please be humble on my result day.
  • All fun paused at result night and begins after the day.
  • Oh God please give evaluators some mercy to give me good marks.
  • Neighbors and cousins exist everywhere to compare Results.

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