Truth or Dare Questions for Guys Boys

These truth or dare questions for guys or boys are great way to start a crazy conversation with a guy irrespective of his age and interest. These questions will make him think twice before answering.

Making a nice gathering with spice up environment is easy to create if you have a creative mind and approach.

Making fun  and enjoyment is right of everyone so why miss the best time you get to meet some cool guys . Ask these questions to them and make a classic session that will give you some thing new to learn and share .

Truth or Dare Questions for Guys

Truth Questions for Guys

  • What is your biggest success in life ?
  • What is your biggest fear in life ?
  • What was your first date ?
  • Who was your first crush ?
  • What is the biggest happy moment of your life ?
  • Your dream person for date ?

Dare Questions for Guys

  • Dance like your favorite actor .
  • Do mimicry of your favorite person .
  • Make a picture of your girl friend .
  • Write your name in reverse order by closing your eyes .

Hope these truth and dare questions for Guys (Boys ) have made your day today and you have some interesting questions and dares to ask to the next guy you meet .
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