Top Best and Cute Math Pick Up Lines Algebra , Calculus , Geometry

Top Best and Cute Math Pick Up Lines Tagalog  contains different sub fields of math like  Algebra , Calculus , Geometry to give you some really exciting lines for making fun.
Wonderful lines makes you laugh and give other person a sign of your intelligence.

These are wonderful sentences that you can try on any one to make them think about you . These are like best pearls around your study.

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Top Best and Cute Math Pick Up Lines

Top Best and Cute Math Pick Up Lines Tagalog - Algebra , Calculus , Geometry

  • I have sharp mind  at math as  can easliy remember 10 digit numbers without fail ? I am talking about girls phone number.
  • I can measure the size of objects with my eyes with out scale ,  Yes you are right what I objects am talking about ?
  • My angle and your curves makes the perfect answer .
  • I want to be a tangent of your curves .
  • Some times I calculate that girls are square root of -1 ? Got it , they are imaginary .
  • I am sin2x and looking for cos2x so that we can be one.
  • The only perfect curve I see ever in math is yours.
  • Your legs are as perfect as Isosceles right angle triangle.
  • I heard you're good at algebra - Could you replace my X without asking Y?
  • Hey baby what is your sign , number and favorite position ?
  • I think you are harder than math problems.
  • I want you to stay with me so that I can do home work on my bed.
  • Can you help me solve my life puzzle ?
  • Math and you have one thing in common , both are hard to solve .
  • Your curves are distracting when I want to solve math problems but when I try to solve math problems I think to mesh with your curves first.
  • Without you I am just like Empty set.
  • I am Good at math as I always calculate U+I= 69 .
  • I want to check my memory of remembering long numbers please tell your mobile no.
  • You are A-Cute Girl.
  • I wish to know a magic number , it is your mobile number .
  • Hey Babe , I wish to measure your surface area with my hand .
  • Math and YOU both are tough.
  • I need you to function properly.
  • We both are perfect pair to live together.
  • I like math problems as these gives me enough time to think about you.

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