Top Best Computer Pick up lines Computer Science

Top Best  Computer Pick up lines are based on computer based sentences that makes you stand out. These are good lines to make any conversation fabulous .
Computer is an integral part of every ones life so these cool chat or conversation lines.

In these sentences computer term is used as a main object to express thoughts and intelligence for spice up the chat or verbal communication.

Top Best Computer Pick up lines ( Computer Science )

  • Hey girl are more hotter than my laptop bottom base .
  • I am always available to unzip or open files on your body.
  • I feel your presence same as I see unwanted pop up ads on my computer screen.
  • I think you are the best autocomplete for me.
  • If you are OK can I play and access with your personal data storage.
  • My heart card spot is empty please insert your heart there .
  • I am wonder what a innocent girl like  you  is part of this GROUP for Adults .
  • The best name for you is Wi-Fi as I feel a connection with you.
  • You have the invisible force that is pulling by software to hardware .
  • You image is saved in my RAM , ROM and secondary memory for forever.
  • I do have a joy stick in my pants , thanks for noticing .
  • Please make a free space and save me in your heart .
  • I have only one heart for saving another heart and it is free for you.
  • Computer keyword proves our relationship as U and I are together there.
  • I am a freemium and only available for free to selected people like YOU.
  • I want to erase you from life like I wish to remove virus from my laptop.
  • Let me work do not show you annoying face like these non sense pop up ads .
  • Please give me your address I want to make it my Home Page.
  • I Like ultra slim girls with stylish looks like my laptop.
  • I want to add a wonderful password on my laptop can you provide me your mobile number ?
  • I may be your best firewall to protect you from the rest of the world.
  • Do not touch my computer system it is only for genius people like me .
  • Hey beautiful girl I invite you to sit on my LAP TOP .
  • Some time boys hidden joy stick gives standing ovation to girls.
  • Can I rest or sleep on your curved lap top ?
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Top Best Computer Pick Up Lines or Computer Science Pick Up lines are great to have fun , these good lines keep your conversation at next level.

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