Top Best Chemistry Pick Up Lines

Top Best Chemistry Pick Up Lines are good lines for starting or falling in a fantastic communication with the help of special these lines , these are general  organic chemistry pick up lines for using in start , middle or in the end of a conversation.

We have spend some years of of life while doing various chemical reactions , these reactions gives us knowledge of transforming things when they meet with each other.

Top Best Chemistry Pick Up Lines

  • I need you as I need oxygen to live.
  • There are some chemical reactions happens in me once I saw you.
  • Positive ions of yours attracting me towards you.
  • You have blue eyes and pink lips this is enough to melt my heart.
  • I want to be yours like you need Glu Cose .
  • I am afraid , I may be having diabetes as your voice is so sweet.
  • Are you made up of Gold your body shines alike ?
  • How much sugar I need to take  daily to get the voice of yours kind ?
  • You and me can become the best mixture.
  • I want to touch your body , to check where is the magnet in yours that pulls me.
  • I am perfect in chemistry with girls.
  • I am ready to give a test of friction with you.
  • You have gravitational force like earth that pulls everybody towards you.
  • Would you like to have a deep chemistry with me after your next period .
  • Today I found the reason of Global warming it is nothing but HOT girls like you .
  • I feel hot when you enter in my room.
  • Can you give me your atomic number that I called  mobile number.
  • You are so attractive , I am always in Hydrogen bond with you.
  • I am the ion you may be looking to complete your inner bonding.
  • I are present in meas sugar dissolves in water , everywhere but invisible.
  • I want to check my chemistry with you. Do you allow me to do so ?
  • I like Uranium as it contains U (YOU).
  • Can you come near to me as you are HOT and I am felling cold.
  • I suggest you to take shower multiple times a day as you are prone to explosion  due to your hotness .
  • Please come close to me as I need some positive ions .
These are good sentence if you want to express your felling with the help of chemistry . Top Best Chemistry Pick Up Lines make others think twice once you use them .

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