Programming Pick Up Lines

Computer Programming Pick Up Lines are for people those are  interested into computers especially the programming . Check out these awesome pick up lines and share with others.

Programming Pick Up Lines

Programming Pick Up Lines

  • You’re my compiler. My life program wouldn’t start running without you.
  • I want to you to become my private variable so that I will be the only one with access to you.
  • I always thought Love is an abstract class, until you created an instance of it.
  • I leaked all memory after I met you.
  • Hey Beautiful Girl , you are my .exe file.
  • Can I become your personal system annalist .
  • If you wish together, we make great parent classes of multiple inheritance.
  • Can I de-reference my pointer inside your protected area?
  • Are you a global variable , I see your presence everywhere.
  • You are my semicolon; always present in everything I do.
  • Hey Girl you are my methods , without you I can not do anything worth.
  • No matter how I sort things you will always be the first. 
  • My bot wants to crawl all of your directories. 
  • You are the perfect variable to  store my love.
  • My life was full of errors, you came , debugged and compiled my life. 

I hope you all have enjoyed these Programming Pick Up Lines stay tuned with us for more pick up lines and other entertainment stuff. 

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