Ice Breaking Activities or Games for Groups or Team of Adults

Best and quality Ice Breaking Activities for Groups or Team of Adults  whether it is a Big or  Small Gathering . These are activities that bring people together and spice up the relationship .

Ice Breaking  Games for Groups or Team of Adults


Houssie is a popular game in the groups specially of adults and more specific to group of women. In hoissue slips are distributed to team members . Once a team member makes a pattern he or she gets some reward.


Card games are popular games of small or big group . For small groups rummy is the most popular game. However in big groups there are plenty of games of cards exists.

Out Door Games

Out Door Games are best idea of making use of groupings . These Games can be Cricket , Hockey etc.

Cheeses Game

Chess Game is the best and most likes game for adults , this small competition gives them to make happy and energetic .

 Ice Breaking  Activities for Groups or Team of Adult


  • Introduction is the all time favorite activity and it is most fruitful activity to for every one. Introduction lets everyone to come closer .

Story Telling

  • Story Telling or Experience sharing is the best activity of adult people.

Best Lie of Life

  • Every one tells lie in life , adults can share the experience at any time they have told a lie for some special reason or on event. This activity is nice activity to keep the fire up in gathering.

Future Plans for Self

  • Future Plans is the the thing that everyone is excited to know. People love to know and share their own future plans with others.

Social Work and Responsibilities

  • Social Work is something that is a duty of every youth , gatherings or meeting can be the best place to perform activities for social welfare. This will give happiness to self as well as to people in need.

Cultural Activities

Adults can be great carrier of culture and traditions. These cultural activities are great ice breaking activity for adults. They can easliy spread  culture and traditions among them when they meet .

Opinion Polls

  • Adults are best candidate for opinion polls . Opinion polls on topics like Sports and Politics are great way to share thoughts on meetings.
These Ice Breaking Activities or Games for Groups or Team of Adults are great way to use time at best.

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