Ice Breaking Activities for Kids

Ice Breaking Activities for Kids makes kids full of happiness , these are good way to make enjoyment of the time. These activities harp the mind of your kids and give them some exercise  to scratch their mind and thinking.

Taking part in such activities make them bold and full of confidence.

10 + Ice Breaking Activities for Kids

  • Divide in groups there is a big gathering of kids else make group of each kid . Ask them to play games like ..  Capital , Currencies , Languages  of Countries.
  • Ask kids to give their full introduction , the kid that give best introduction will be winner.
  • Ask kids to say 10 names of any thing like fruit , vegetable , animals , birds etc.
  • Kids can play game of single breath like sating counting in single breath , the kid that will count maximum will be winner.
  • Ask them to perform one by one like their role model .
  • Doing mimicry of their teacher or elder ones is the favorite activity of kids .
  • Buy simple puzzle from market and give task to kids to complete these puzzles . Plenty of puzzle games are available in the market for kids , the kid that will take the least time will get the reward.
  • Make group of kids and give them different roles in plays .
  • Riddles and cracking jokes are all time favorite activities of kids .
  • Indoor activities like Ludo , carom and more.
  • Creative activities like Slogan creation and arts based on different themes.
  • These questions can be of General Knowledge Based , Current Affairs , or Study Related Questions .
  • General Knowledge based questions increase the level of their I.Q.
These Ice Breaking Activities for Kids will make your kid smarter , such activities comes as the best use of  free time . Such activities can be easily played in the groups of children and competing with others give them strength to fight from tough circumstances of life.

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