Good Truth or Dare Questions To Ask a Girl

If you are having a light mood then these can be  Good Truth or Dare Questions To Ask a Girl . Once you meet or have a group of friends where female friends are also there , asking such questions will give a new enjoyment to the whole group.

These are entertaining and exciting questions that you can ask to a girl . These like ice break of gap between a boy and girl or groups of both.

 Good Truth or Dare Questions To Ask a Girl

 Good Truth Questions to ask a Girl

  • Who is your best friend , boy friend and the person you like most ?
  • Would  like a boy who likes your or you would like to chose a boy of your choice ?
  • What will you choose lot of happiness or lots of money ?
  • What makes you embarrassed in public ?
  • Who is the right person for your best date ?
  • What will be your first impression when you get a chance to meet your ideal person ?
  • What is the worst thing in your personality ?
  • What is your biggest weapon to trap a boy ?
  • What makes you crazy ?
  • What is the best moment of your life?

Best Good Dare Questions to ask a Girl

  • Dance like your favorite actress .
  • Speak I Love you in different tones of your voice .
  • Crack a non veg joke .
  • Draw image of your boy friend with closed eyes .
  • Tell the story when you make fool of boys .
  • What is the secret thing that you have not told to anyone .
  • Tell us the most embarrassed moment of your life.
  • Act as you are taking romantic dinner with boy friend.
  • Kiss all girls in this room.
  • Go out to the room and give rose to the first boy you see .
Hope these Good Truth or Dare Questions To Ask a Girl have given you an idea to start or add chain of conversation with a girl specially in a group .
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