Geometry Pick Up Lines

Geometry Pick Up Lines are great way to express yourself in the form of lines and angles. In fact it is a great subject that interests all.

In fact math always attract every one and this sub field of math ie Geometry is really awesome .

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  • We both are complementary angle of each other.
  • Please intersect me at some point, I want to.
  • Your figure is a shape with the best curves.
  • If I am sine2x then you are cos2x , summing both us is 1 .
  • Why are you acting like parallel line with me, making the equal distance all the time?
  • My love for you is like a circle no end point.
  • My heart is having enough space to accommodate yours. Please fill it.
  • You are A-cute Girl with perfect angles and curves.
  • The center of all my imagination is YOU.
  • You are at Right Angle with me.
  • Your legs are so perfect and I specially love when these make isosceles triangle.
  • I want to measure your surface area with my hands.
  • Are you a 90 degree angle? Because you are looking right!
  • I study geometry so that I can make your figure.
  • You are the perfect graph , I have ever seen. 

These are wonderful geometry pick up lines and we hope you like this collection . There are plenty of pick up lines in different categories for our readers  .

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