Funny Chemistry Pick Up Lines

Funny Chemistry Pick Up Lines are here to give some one special treatment . The especial subject have lot of fun and knowledge in itself. Mixing chemistry at appropriate scenario in life gives conversation a new dimension .  Be ready to use these classical sentences at any time to make your conversation unforgettable .

Funny Chemistry Pick Up Lines

  • I want to make a nice chemistry with you.
  • I need oxygen and your love to live normal.
  • I feel you have all the electrons , I need.
  • Your looks kill me faster than any poison.
  • I do not need any supplement if you are with me.
  • You must be an atom as you are a BOMB.
  • I invite you to become my life LAB partner .
  • Please tell me you number , I want to remember number of all atoms.
  • Don't you know , You're the center of my nucleus.
  • I am the electron and my central orbit is YOU.
  • Can I borrow you as the electron to complete my CLASS ?
  • Come close to me so that I can start my chemistry with you.
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