Computer Science Pick Up Lines

Computer Science Pick Up Lines makes you crazy when you wish to share some interesting sentence with some one . It is one of the most trendy lines and sentences that are liked by every one.
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Computer Science Pick Up Lines

Computer Science Pick Up Lines

  • I should say thanks to FaceBook that brings us together even we are having distances.
  • Trust me I am user friendly and loyal as computer.
  • If you would like , Can I fix problems of your personal laptop.
  • Hey Baby please store me in you permanent memory.
  • I have thousands of screen savers of yours in my mind.
  • Can I put your name as my LapTop Password !
  • Are you sitting on the F5 key? Cause your ass is refreshing. 
  • Let me hack your heart. 
  • You are the perfect auto-complete for me.
  • I would like to Google you.
  • Computer techs have skilled fingers if you know what I mean.
  • Hey beautiful girl, I never mind if you sit on my laptop.
  • You are hotter than bottom of my laptop.
  • I have 99% uptime.
  • All keywords prove our relationship by having U and I together.
  • I am accessible to you any time.
  • Can I call you my personal ?
  • I promise I will protect you from all harmful public variables.
  • Remember me like you remember your computer password.
  • I wish I may be your keyword so that you will touch me with your soft hands every where.
  • I promise you will throw all your sorrows in  recycle bin once you will be mine.
  • I have lots of free space in my heart to store your memories.

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                  Computer is a wonderful device so these pick up lines are , using these computer science lines makes you win the heart of every one you ever wish. There are plenty of lines of different fields you can enjoy in our website . These include Math Pick Up Lines , Chemistry Pick Up Lines ,  Funny Maths Pick Up Lines and more

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