Best Whatsapp Status on Exams

Best Whatsapp Status on Exams shows how you feel in the exams days , the most critical days of life when we are tested . Working hard on studies and preparing  for exams makes every one delighted .
Exam Days are full of fear , excitement and enjoyment all at once.  We have tried to collect and prepare this collection for You.

Best Whatsapp Status on Exams

  1. I request all Software companies to make an app for studying for ME.
  2. I love Good grades but study on No !
  3. In last 30 minutes of exams I see students have super natural power.
  4. Teachers make efforts to teach us lessons whole year but why they do not tell us answers in examination hall.
  5. No students can ever fail , if no exams are there.

Nama Anda
New Johny WussUpdated: 20:16:00

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