Best Hilarious Funny One Liner about Life

Best Hilarious Funny One Liner about Life  will kick off your tensions . Yes it is true we have so much stress in life that we have forgotten to smile .

The humor is the only thing that brings lines of relaxation and happiness on our face .  Even a few second of relaxation is enough to make our day.

Keeping in mind the importance of smile and fun in life we have made this website.
In this article we bring the Best Hilarious Funny One Liner about Life  for make you laugh .

Best Hilarious Funny One Liner about Life

  • Life fucks every one both male and female.
  • If you want to live a completely happy and satisfied life wait for your next birth .
  • At childhood we think that we will live our life at young age but at young age we thought we have lived our life at childhood.
  • FaceBook and Whatsapp are the most important thing in life today who cares wife , relatives and neighbors .
  • Life and Wife both are unpredictable , both change their mood in fraction of time.
  • The first half of our life is ruined by parents and second half by children.
  • Common sense is a super power , not everyone has , Do you have ?
  • Life is living with confidence even you are in-confident.
  • If you win a lottery  , only be happy equal to half of money you won as you need to pay taxes.
  • Better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt.
  • As we grow up we learn how to act in public.
  • Today the most important thing is life is a stable internet connection , if it is not stable your life gets disturbed.
  • Stealing idea of only one person is cheating but stealing many person's ideas is research.
  • Waiter means who waits or who makes you wait ?
  • If you want the value of money just forget your purse on very first date with someone.
  • Tell me what you need most at this time , I will tell you the way to live without it.
  • If every good thing is stopping your way , change your way.
  • Money without brain is dangerous so I advise some people to give their money to me to live happy life.
  • Life without struggle is tasteless but I do not want to taste struggle.
  • Life is so short to drink beer at slow speed.
  • Dont drink and drive , you may spill drink .
  • I take experience from the people those take my advise.
  • Each person have his own life let me live my life .
  • Full form of ETC is End of Talking Capacity.
  • It is very good to make fun but mind it should not hurt anyone.

These Best Hilarious Funny One Liner about Life may I have given you chance to smile freely , stay with us  for more entertainment .

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