Best Exam Status for Whatsapp

These best exam status for whatsapp will give you tonic of bonding with your exams , sharing these cool status for whatsapp will give you relaxation from exam tensions. We have collected some of the most exciting status for exams to give you some thing to have fun during this phrase of life.

Best Exam Status for Whatsapp

  • Why it always happen the chapter I left comes as first question in exams !
  • We planned for group study , there was a group but where is the study at that exam night !
  • I read the question paper thrice the only thing I know correctly was my Name and Roll No.
  • I studied whole night HISTORY but the next day it was GEOGRAPHY exam.
  • I know many genius who failed in exams ! You should know what I mean to say !
  • Why always Cricket World Cup comes in exam's month !
  • It is tough to decide whether to watch live sports or prepare for the next day exam.
  • My teacher always told me in class room ask  your problems , I kept my all problems to ask in the exam hall.
  • I like exams because each day my mother gives me favorite sweet to eat. Who cares the result ?
  • I spread 20 kg of sweets on the result day before I realize I have result card of some other student .
  • Life is a exam , I am prepared well to pass it.
  • At last five minutes of exam , each student gets super natural power.
  • Teacher and student both have different attitude in exams , teachers call it cheating and students call it team work.
  • Why most exams have questions from the toughest chapters  .
  • I hate exams but love to go to school.
  • It is good to take exams to polish our self.
  • Exam means break for your non stop enjoyment.
  • If you really want to test your brain sit in exam hall.
  • I am serious at my study only in Exam Days.
  • In exams , do you look left or right for information.
  • Have any one made and App for predicting questions in exams ?
  • Exams please help me , be easy .
  • Keep calm and study for exams , do not check my status .
  • I confused full night study is better or sound sleep at exam night.
  • Happiness is when You Finished all your exams.
These good exam status of whatsapp sure give you some more fun and enjoyment in the exam time. However we wish you should always prepare for the best in the exams.
Spread these status in your group and distribute some felling of happiness and enjoyment.

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