Best and Good Truth or Dare Questions

If you are looking for Best & Good Truth or Dare Questions  you are at right place , in this post your will see some wonderful questions and dare to ask anyone.
These are spicy way to start a communication  or to add more flavor in a ongoing conversation. You will feel happy and exciting when you ask or have the chance to answer these questions.

Today truth or dare is a vital part of almost all parties and gatherings, so be prepare to rock the group by having a big pool of them in your mind.

Best and Good Truth or Dare Questions

{ Best } Good Truth  Questions

  1. Tell your 5 bad habits ?
  2. Tell the name of at least 5 of your crushes ?
  3. Share the memory of the best day of you life ?
  4. What is the most expensive gift you have received ?
  5. Who is the most valuable person in your life and why ?
  6. Share some moments when you smile without a reason .
  7. Name the person you hate most in your life .
  8. If you win a lottery of big sum what will you do ?
  9. What you see in  your dreams
  10. Tell us about your favorite movie ?

{ Best } Good  Dare Questions

  1. Take a round of this room like a monkey or rabbit ?
  2. Count from 100 to 1 as fast as possible ?
  3. Make the best cry you can .
  4. Propose an unknown girl .
  5. Make a phone call and tell you are PM of the country to receiver .
  6. Close your eyes an make a scratch of someone .
  7. Give the worst you can give to anyone and execute on yourself.
  8. Dance like your favorite actor in your favorite movie .
  9. What is the dumbest thing you have ever done in your life.
  10. Make the voice like  your favorite animal ?
These Best and Good Truth or Dare Questions are nice way to put fire in a party of gathering . Whenever you have spare moments playing such games kick off all boredom immediately.
You can read more truth and dare questions for boys and enjoy .

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