Angel Pick Up Lines

Angel Pick Up Lines are great lines any one can ever say to some one special. Call a girl an angel and you will see some awesome reactions .

Read and share these lines on the right occasion and your life can turn a wonderful turn .
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Angel Pick Up Lines

Angel Pick Up Lines

  1. Are you an angel as you comes daily in my dreams .
  2. You must have been heaven sent...because, you are my angel.
  3. Hey Girl you are an angel , as I feel my self in sky when I meet you.
  4. I was looking for an angel , suddenly I saw you.
  5. I meet you before , I know you do not remember as we met in dreams .
  6.  Whenever I see your eyes , I see heaven there my angel.
  7. Please don't mind if I inspect you as I am an astronomer and you lives in heaven .
  8. Did it hurts you when you fall for me from heaven .
  9. Why should I look for stars at sky , as you are mine .
  10. Can I check you at close , as you are made in Heaven.
  11. Some Day I dream an angel , today I see you.
  12.  I know you come from there.
  13. It is sure god have created you in leisure.
  14. Honey is your tongue , you might love in heaven.
  15. Once I close my eyes , I see you as my GODDESS.
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