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Computer is an integral part of every ones life so these cool chat or conversation lines.
In these sentences computer term is used as a main object to express thoughts and intelligence for spice up the chat or verbal communication.

Computer Science Pick Up Lines for Computer Geeks

Funny Nerdy Computer Science Pick Up Lines 

All keywords prove our relationship by having U and I together.
Are you a touch SCREEN, each time I see you I wish to TOUCH you.
Are you YOUTUBE as I want to watch you all the time?
Can I acess all your VARIABLES?
Can I access your PRIVATE PARTS?
Can I call you my personal?
Can I put your name as my LapTop Password !
Can I rest or sleep on your curved lap top?
Can you allow me to access your BODY along with your personal data storage?
Can you create a folder named LOVE in your life?
Computer keyword proves our relationship as U and I are together there.
Do not touch my computer system it is only for genius people like me.
Don't be like errors in my computer, hard to solve.
Google and YOU are same, as both of you have answers of all my questions.
Guess what I TYPE first I start my COMPUTER it's your NAME.
Have you notice that YOU and I are TOGETHER in every KEYWORD.
Hey Baby please store me in you permanent memory.
Hey beautiful girl I invite you to sit on my LAP TOP.
Hey beautiful girl, I never mind if you sit on my laptop.
Hey girl, I think you are so HOT as my laptop bottom base.
I always BACK UP you.

Pick Up Lines for Computer Geeks

I am a fermium and only available for free to selected people like YOU.
I am accessible to you any time.
I am always available for girls especially when they wish to unzip their body.
I am selling my HEART with 100% discount only for you.
I am sending LOVE SIGNALS since long time please ACCEPT.
I am VIRUS free why you afraid with me.
I am without you is like a MAC book without APPLE.
I bet I can UNZIP all of your files.
I buy my computer only to connect with you.
I do have a joy stick in my pants, thanks for noticing.
I feel your presence is as GREAT as I see RIDICULOUS and UNWANTED pop up ads.
I get self increment each time I see you.
I have 99% uptime.
I have a better UP TIME.
I have a heart card slot, but it is VACANT, if you don't mind please insert your BEAUTIFUL heart there.
I have filled my heart with your memories and dream so there is NO SPACE for anyone else to stay there.
I have lots of free space in my heart to store your memories.
I have only one heart for saving another heart and it is free for you.
I have thousands of screen savers of yours in my mind.
I invite you to enjoy my LAPTOP.
I keep FREE SPACE in my heart to save beautiful girls like YOU.
I like ultra slim girls with stylish looks like my laptop.
I lost all my LIFE FILES in your eyes.
I love only TWO things I this world YOU and my COMPUTER.
I love you like
I may be your best firewall to protect you from the rest of the world.
I promise I will give extra security and lifelong warranty.
I promise I will protect you from all harmful public variables.
I promise you will throw all your sorrows in  recycle bin once you will be mine.
I should say thanks to FaceBook that brings us together even we are having distances.
I think GOOGLE will show YOU as SUGGESTED QUERY if someone searches ME on there.
I think you can be the best option for AUTOCOMPLETE me.
I think you have injected a virus in ME its name is LOVE.
I think, I will be your computer PASSWORD soon.
I want to add a wonderful password on my laptop can you provide me your mobile number?
I want to erase you from life like I wish to remove virus from my laptop.
I want to PROTECT you from all evils.
I want to read your FACE like a BOOK.
I want to remove all SPACE between YOU and ME.
I will feel GREAT if you SAVE ME in your HEART.
I wish I have SPECIAL ACESS to you.
I wish I may be your keyword so that you will touch me with your soft hands every where.
I wish if I have exclusive rights to acess you.
I wish to fill all EMPTY SLOTS of yours.
I wish to make your photo as my desktop wall paper.
I wonder you are an innocent girl but you have all SECRET KEYS of Adults.
I would like to Google you.
If I am HARDWARE you are SOFTWARE we both need to come together to make a SYSTEM
If I was software, I will crash on your LAPTOP.
If you are a Search Engine, I will search you all the time.
If you are OK can I play with your SECRET DATA?
If you want to sell your HEART at eBay, I will be the FIRST buyer.
If you would like , Can I fix problems of your personal laptop.
It will be my honor to EXECUTE your INSTRUCTIONS.
Let me hack your heart.
Let me work do not show you annoying face like these non sense pop up ads.
My eyes are like SECRET camera those looks at you every time.
My heart and brain BOOTS UP as soon as I see you.
My heart has a hidden TRACKING SYSTEM that gives me SIGNAL about YOU.
My heart was safe until you did not know its PASSWORD "LOVE".
My LAPTOP battery backup is enough to chat with you all night.
My laptop is as slim and smooth as you.

Funny , Nerdy Computer PickUp Lines

My life gets new operating system each time I see you.
My life is as FUNCTION LESS as a computer without OS.
My life will not START properly without you.
My personal computer is a BIG STOCK of yours pictures.
My processor reacts as soon as I feel your presence.
Never go away out of my RANGE.
Our hearts are connected like invisible Wi-Fi.
Please add me on FACEBOOK.
Please DELETE all OLD files from your life.
Please give me your address I want to make it my Home Page.
Please ignore all my ERRORS.
Please make a free space and save me in your heart.
Please make a PERMANENT STORAGE AEA for me in Your HEART FOLDER.
Please save me in the inner most folders of your memory.
Please say "I LOVE YOU" so that I can ACESS you with ALL RIGHTS.
Please share your password so that I will connect myself with you.
Please tell me you're PASSWORD so that I can enter in your life.
Remember me like you remember your computer password.
Some time boys hidden joy stick gives standing ovation to girls.
The best name for you is Wi-Fi as I feel a connection with you.
There is no difference in a computer and you as both are easy to operate.
Trust me I am accessible everywhere and user friendly to girls.
Trust me I am user friendly and loyal as computer.
We both are range of HOT SPOT, please accept my connection request.
You are GOOGLE as you have all that I wish to have in my life.
You are HIDDEN FOLDER in my heart that no one knows except me.
You are HOME PAGE of my LIFE.
You are hotter than bottom of my laptop.
You are KEYS of my happiness.
You are like ANTI VIRUS in my heart that keeps away all HARMFUL attacks.
You are my LIFE CYCLE.
You are so SOFT, I may call you SOFTWARE.
You are the best operating system that can operate me best.
You are the perfect auto-complete for me.
You can acess free CONNECTION with ME any time with no password.
You can afford me as I am Inexpensive.
You graphics and shapes are awesome.
You have KEYS to open my heart.
You have the invisible force that is pulling by software to hardware.
You image is saved in my RAM, ROM and secondary memory for forever.
You may live longer and happier if you INSERT ME in your life.
Your heart is PRIMARY key of mine.
Your voice is a SIGNAL to my HEART.

Hope you have enjoyed and make the full fun by reading and sharing these computer science pick up lines .  Cool computer geeks will love these funny , nerdy and classic pick up lines.

Best Hindi WhatsApp Status Latest

Best Hindi WhatsApp Status Latest and popular WhatsApp status are in this post. People love to read and share status in their native language. So we collected some great and updated hindi whatsapp status. We appreciate your love for sharing these status updates among your friend circle.

Best WhatsApp Status in Hindi

Aaj Ke Whatsapp Admin ,Kal Tak School Mai Murga Bante The.
Aap Ka Har Din Khysio Se Bhara Ho.
Aap Kaha The , Mere Din Kitne Adhure The.
Acha To Hum Chalte Hai.
Apki Akhe Duniya Se Sabse Khubsurat Akhe Hai, Kyuki Wo Hamesa Hame Dekti Hai.
Ashu BesKimti Hote Hai.
Attitude Kise Dikate Ho Dikhana Hai To Apna Dil Dikao.
Bholi Bhali Ladki Kholu Tere Dil Ki Pyar Wali Khidki.
Cycle Bina Petrol Ke Chalti Hai. Lakin Ladki Bina Petrol Ke Nahi Chalti.
Dil Aur Dost  Kismat Walo Ko Milte Hai.
Dukh Bhi Kahe Yar Mein Galti Se Kaha Aa Gaya
Dusmano Se Bhi Mohabat Karne Lage Hai Hum.
Har Kal Jindgi Jine Second Chance Hai, First Chance Aaj Hai.
Har Roz Itna Muskaraya Karo Ki,
Harna Jaruri Ho Jata Hai Jab Jhagda Apno Se Ho.
Hum Hai Rahi Pyar Ke.
Hum Rub Se Ek Hi Dua Magte Hai Ki Tu Khus Rahe .
Hume Life Jine Ke Liye Ek Hi Chez Ki Requirement Hai , Wo Hai Apki Ki SMILE.
Humko Hai Apka Intzar.
Humko Kisi Ka Dar Nahi.
I Wish Mera Har Din Apko Dekhkar Suru Ho.
Jab Hum Ho Tanha To Sath Hamare Rehna.
Jaha sach na chale, waha jhooth hi sahi.
Jeevan Ka Matlab hai ki uska koi Lakhsya ho.
Jeevan Main Sukh Aur Dukh Dono Jaruri Hai.
Jo Sahi Hote Hai Bhagwan Bhi Unka Sath Dete Hai.
Kal  Beet Gaya Hai Ya Aane Wala Hai. Isliye Main Aaj Mai Jeeta Hu.
Kosis Karo Dil Main Rehne Ki Na Ki Gurur Main Rehne Ki.
Kosis Karo, Ya To Safalta Milegi Ya Tazurba.
Lage Mujhe Sundar Har Ladki.
Log Kehte Hai Ki Save Water , Isliye Hum Kehte Hai Ki Neat Piyo.
Log Unki Ki Bat Karte Hai Jinme Koi Khas Bat Hoti Hai.
Main Special Nahi Hu But Normal Logo Se Door Rehta Hu.
Maine God Se Prayer Ki Ek Pari Ke Liye , Akh Khuli To Apka Didar Huaa.
Mera Status Update Logo Ke Liye Khabar Hoti Hai.
Mere Dil Ko Sukoon Milta Hai Apki Baho Mai Aakar.
Mere Dil Mai Teri Tasveer Hai.
Mere Ko Aap Sapno Mai Kyu Jagate Ho.
Mere Pass Time Nahi Hai , Kya Kisi Ke Pass 24 Hours Se Jyada Hote Hai .
Mere Ro Dusro Ke Rules Main Rehne Ki Aadat Nahi Hai.
Mistake Karna Jaruri Hai Naya Sikhne Le Liye.
Mumbai Ki Local Train Matlab Kachre Ka Dibba.
Parchiya Apki Hamare Dil Mai Hai.
Pyar Jeevan Ki Sabse Valuable cheez hai.
Rukna Mera Kam Nahi.
Sagar Sa Ghehra Hai Mera Pyar.
Subha Subha Lo Mera Naam Karlo Bando Ye Subh Kam.
Teri Awaz Mai Zadu Hai.
Wo Puchti Hai Ki Kya Karte Ho Tum , Jaise ISHQ Koi Kam Nahi.
Humko to ishq ne bekar kiya nahi to hum the bade kam ke

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Romantic Sad Cute Old Song Lyrics for Status in Hindi Bollywood Songs

Romantic, Cute, Sad, old Hindi Song Lyrics for WhatsApp Statuses are here to give a new way to share your thoughts and feelings in the best ways.

We love songs in every mood and occasion.So we have collected some good songs status based on Hindi songs for our readers.These are like magic words those share your feelings in the most ideal manner.Whether you are happy, sad or want to express your love with someone, share these statuses and tell the world about your feelings in the form of these Hindi song lyrics.

Cute Song Lyrics Status for Whatsapp in Hindi Songs
Song Status for WhatsApp in Hindi helps you to update WhatsApp status any time in any mood.  This list of cute songs words are really heart touching. These are popular and soulful Hindi songs lyrics statuses of Bollywood.

Cute Song Lyrics Status for Whatsapp in Hindi Songs

Whatsap status Cute hindi songs are bubbly type status that you can share you heat up the environment, these are breaking ice status that can be used to catch the attention or any one including a girl and loved ones.

 Aaj Unse Pehli Mulakat Hogi.
 Aaja Sham Hone Aye.
Aap Aye Bahar Aye.
 Aap Aye Bahar Ayi.
 Abhi Naa Jao Chodkar Ki Dil Abhi Bhara Nahi.
Acha To Hum Chalet Hai.
Akele Akele Kaha Ja Rahe Ho..
 Aya Pyar Ka Mausam
Aye ho meri jindi main tum bahar bankar.
 Badi Kismat Wala Hai Wo Pyar Tera Mila.
 Batana Bhi Nahi Aata , Jatana Bhi Nahi Aata
Bekarar Karke Hame Yu Na Zaiye Apko Hamari Kasam Lot Aaye.
 Chahe Koi Mujhe Jangle Kahe.
 Chand Ko Kya Malum Chae Use Koi Chakor
 Chingari Koi Bhadke To Sawan Use Bujaye, Sawan Jo Agan Jagaye Use Kaun Bujhaye
 Chitti Ayi Hai Ayi Hai
 Chod Do Acchal Jamana Kya Kahega
 Chupana Bhi Nahi Aata Batana Bhi Nahi Ata.
 Chura Ke Dil Mera Kaha Tu Chali.
 Dekha Jo Tujhe Janam Hua Haibura Haal
Dheeere Dherre Chal Chand Gagan Mai
 Dheere Dheere Bol Koi Sun Na Le.
 Dil Cher Ke Dekh Tera Hi Naam Hoga
 Dil De Ke Dekho Dil De Ke Dekho Ji.
Dil Diwana Bin Sajana Ke Mane Na
Dil Diwana Na Jane Kab Khogaya.
Dil Hai Chota Sa , Choti Si Asha.
Dil Ka Alam Main Kya Batau Tumhe
Dil Ke Jharoke Main Tujko sBithakar.
Dil Ke Tudke Tukde Kar Ke Muskura Ke Chal Diye.
Dil Kya Kassor Sahib.
Dil Mera Churaya Kyu Jab Ye Dil Todna Hi Tha.
Diwano Se Mat Pucho.
Do Dil Mil Rahe Hai Magar Chupke Chupke.
Duniya Ki Tu Parwah Nakar.
Ek Chere Ne Bahut Pyar Se Dekha Mujhe.
Ek Chumma To Hamko Udhar De De..
Ek Ladki Ko Dekha To Aisa Laga
Ek Pyar Ka Nagma Hai
Had Se Bhi Jyada Tum Kisi Se Pyar Nahi Karna
 Hai Meri Kiran
Hame Aur Jine Ki Chahat Na Hoti Agar Tum Na Hote.
Hame Tumse Mohhabat Hai Jatana Bhi Nahi Aata
Hamko Kisi Ka Dar Nahi Koi Jor Jawani Par Nahi.
Hasina Maan Gayegi
Herey Ki Tammana Hai Ki Panna Mujhe Mil Gaye.
Ho Gaya Hai Tujkho To Pyar Sajna Lakh Karle Tu Inkar Sajna.
Hote Pe Aisi Bat Main Daba Ke Chali Aye.
Hoti  Hai Zindi Main Mohabbat Kabhi  Kabhi
Hum To Mohabbat Karega
Itha Ho Gayi Etbar Ki ,Ayi Na Koi Khabar Mere Yar Ki
Jab Tak Jiyenge Mohabbat Karenge.
Jamana  Kya Kahega.
 Jisse Darte The Wahi Bat  Ho Gayi.
 Kabhi Kabhi Mere Dil Main Khayal Ata Hai.
Kis Kis Ko Pyarkaru.
Kisi Ki Muskurahato  Par Ho Nisar
Kisi Shayr Ki Gazal.. Kisi Jheel Ka Kawal Dream Girl.
Koyal Si Teri Boli
Kuch Aise Bandhan Hote Hai Jo Bin Bande Band Jate Hai.
Kya Karu Ram Mujhe Budha Mil Gaya..
Laal Duppate Wali Apna Nam To Bata.
Lekar Ye Diwana Dil.
Main Ek Badal Awara.
Main Solha Baras Ki .
Main Tumse Milne Aye Mandir Jane Ke Bahane.
Man Se Man Ka Milan Koi Kam To Nahi
Mar Bhi Gaya To Main Tumhe Karta Rahunga Pyar
Mera Dil Bhi Kitna Pagal Hai.
Mera Jeevan Kora Kagaz.
Mere Dil Main Yu Hi Rehna Tum Pyar Pyar Banker.
Mere Sapno Ki Rani Kab Ayegi Tu..
Meri Bhigi Bhigi Palko Se Baah Gaye Sare Mere
Mile Tujho Dost Yaha Tere Jaisa Use Dusmano Ki Jarrurat Hi Kya Hai
Mujhe Ishq Hai Tujhi Se.
Pardesi Pardesi Jana Nahi .
Pehla Pehla Pyar Hai.
Phir Kab Miloge
Raho Main Unse Mulakat Ko Gayi
Raja Ko Rani Se Pyar Ho Gaya.
Sathi Na Samajh Koi Bat Nahi Sath To Anne De.
Satho Janam Main Main Tere Sath Rahunga Yar
Sexi Sexi Mujhelog Bole.
Suhana Safar Aur Ye Mausam Hasi , Hame Dar Hai Ki Hum Kho Na Jaye Kahi
Tauba Tumhare Ye Ishare Hum To Diwane Hai Tumhare.
Tera Mera Pyar Amar.
Tere Passs Mera Dil Hai.
Tere Sine Main Mera Dil Dhadke Mere Sine Main Tera Dil.
Thoda Hai Thode Ki Jaruat Hai.
Tod De Sare Bandhan Tu.
Tum Dil Ki Dhadkan Main Rehte Ho..
Tum Ruthe Raho Main Manata Rahu
Tumere Siva Kuch Na Chahat Karenge
Tune Aise Dekha Ki Kuch Ho Gaya.
Ye Dil Asiqkana
Ye Dil Na Hota Bechara.
Ye Mohhbat Nahi To Kya Hai
Ye Teri Akhene Jhuki Jhuki , Ye Tera Chehra Khila Khila.
Zindgi Badal Rahi Hai Roop Har Ghadi.

 Sad Song Lyrics in Hindi Bollywood Songs WhatsApp Status

Not all moments are same in lifesome time we have happiness and other timeour heart is full of pain. Thus we feel sad. If you wish to share your fellings at sad time these sad song quotes are helpful. These sad song statuses in Hindi share your thoughts in the best way.

Abke Sanam Sawan Main Mil Na Sakenge Do Man Ek Hi Angan Mai
Abke Shayad Dil Bhi Toota Sawan Ke Mahine Mai
Acha Sila Diya Tune Mere Pyar Ka Yar Ne Hi Loot Liya Ghar Yar Ka
Ajeeb Dasta Hai Ye Na Vo Samajh Sake Na Hum
Ajnabi Mujko Itna Bata Kyu Mera Dil Paresan Hai
Bedardi Balma Tujko Mera Man Yad Karta Hai
Chandi Ki Diwar Na Todi Pyar Bhara Dil Tod Diya.
Chingari Koi Bhadke To Sawan Use Bujahe , Sawan Jo Agan Lagaye To Use Kaun Bujae
Dil Aisa Kisi Ne Mera Toda Barbadi Ke Taraf Aisa Moda
Dil Diya Dard Liya
Dil Jab Se Toot Gaya Kasie Kahe Kaise Jite Hai Kabhi Jyada Kabhi Kam Pite Hai
Dil Ke Jharoke Mai Tujh Ko Bithakar Yado Ko Teri Main Dulhan Banakar Rakhuga Dil Ke Pass Mat Ho Meri Ja Udas
Dil Ke Maro Ko Dil Ke Malik Todar Laga Ke Chal Diye
Dil Ke Tukde Tukde Kar Ke Muskura Ke Chal Diye , Jate Jate Ye To Bata Do Hum Jiyenge  Kis Ke Liye.
Dil Mai Dar Sa Jaga Hai Kata Sa Koi Chuba Hai.
Dil Main Dard Sa Jaga Hai
Dil Mera Tod Diya Tune
Dil To Ek Dilona Hai
Dil Tod Kar Na Ja
Dost Dost Na Raha Pyar Pyar Na Raha
Dost Dost Na Raha Pyar Pyar Na Raha Jindgi Hame Tera Aitbar Na Raha
Gairo Pe Karan Apno  Pe Sitam E-Jane-Bafa Ye Sitam Na Kar
Ghar Aa Ja Pardesi Tera Desh Bulaye Re.
Hamko To Loot Liya Milke Husan Walo Ne Kale Kale Balo Ne Gore Gore Galo Ne
Hum Bebafa Hargiz Na The Par Hum Bafa Kar Na Sake
Hum Tere Ishq Mai Mar Na Jaye Kahi
Hum To Chale Padesh Pardesi Ho Gaye
Hum Tumse Juda Hokar Mar Jayenge Ro Ro Kar
Ishq Karoge To Dard Milega
Itha Ho Gayi Intzar Ki Ayi Na Koi Khabar Mere Yar Ki.
Jab Dard Nahi Tha Seene Main Tab Khak Maja Tha Jeene Mai
Jab Mujhe Chod Ke Tu Jata Hai Sach Kahu Mujko Rona Aata  Hai
Jamana Kahe Phir Kyu Bura Hai Dil Lagana
Kahi Deep Jale Kahi Dil
Kilona Jankar Tum To Mera Dil Tod Jate Ho
Koi Jab Tumhara Hradaya Tod De , Tab Tum Mere Pass Aana Priya
Koi Pathar Se Na Mare Mere Diwane Ko
Kuch To Log Kahenge Logo Ka Kam Hai Kehna
Meet Na Mila Re Man Ka Meet Na Mila.
Mera Dil Todne Wali Jara Mere Samne To Aa.
Mere Naina Sawan Bhado Phir Bhi Mera Man Pyasa
Mile Jisko Doat Yaha Tere Jaisa Use Dusmano Ki Jarrurat Hi Kya Hai.
Mujhe Pine Ka Shok Nahi Pita Hu Gum Bhulane Ko
Pardesi Pardesi Jana Nahi
Pardesio Se Na Akhiya Milana Pardesio Ko Hai Ek Din Jana
Pathar Ke Sanam Tujhe Hame Mohhabat Ka Khuda Jana
Payar Bhara Dil Tod Diya.
Pyar Diwana Hota Hai Har Khusi Se Har Gum Se Begana Hota Hai
Pyar Jhuta Nahi Duniya Ko Dikane Aaja , Tu Kisi Aur Se Milne Ke Bahane Aa Ja
Pyasa Hai Dil Mera.
Ruthe Rahe Aapjo Hamse Hum Mar Jayege Kaamse
Sathi Re Tere Bina Kya Jeena.
Sheese Ki Umar Pyar Ki Akhir Bisat Kya , Toota Jo Dil Kisi Ka Hairat Ki Bat Kya
Shessha Ho Ya Dil Akhir Toot Jata Hai.
Tanhai Milti Hai Rahe Mohabbat Mai Kabhi Manji Kahi Milti
Tera Jana Dil Ke Armano Ka Lut Jana
Tera Mera Pyar Amar Phir Kyu Mujko Lagta Hai Dar
Tere Pyar Ko Tarse Mera Man
Tere Siwa Jindi Se Koi Shikba To Naho Shikba Nahi
Tu Pyar Hai Kisi Aur Ka Tujhe Chahta Koi Aur Hai
Tujhe Yad Na Meri Aye Kisi Se Ab Kya Kehna, Dil De

Love Romantic Song Status for whatsapp in Hindi makes you and lover loved ones delighted. these are the best status you can set to make the best mood ever .

Songs always touch our soul. Romantic songs fill us with joy and happiness that enters in to our inner self.

In this collection we have collected the best ever romantic songs lines for whatsapp status .Share these cool status and enjoy the life and days at best. If People search Song Status for Whatsapp in Hindi this collection is a great asset for them.

These lyrics status are collected from different Hindi films.In all these statuses are wonderful, romantic and full of love and no doubt are quality Song Lyrics for WhatsApp Status. These are short song lyrics status full of meaning and are romantic.

 Love Romantic Song Status for whatsapp in Hindi

Love and Romantic Song Lyrics Status for whatsapp in Hindi

Aa Ja Ayi Bahar Dil Hai Bekarar.
Aaap Aye Bahar Ayee.
Aaj Mausam Bada Beeman Hai.
Aaja Teri Yaad Ayi.
Aankhon Aankhon Mein Baat Hone Do.
Aao Tumhe Main Pyar Sikha Du , Prem Nagar Ki Dagar Dikha Du.
Aap Jo Mere Meet Na Hote Hoto Pe Mere Geet Na Hote.
Ae Dil Laya Hai Bahar.
Agar Tum Mil Jao , Jamana Chod Denge Hum.
Aise Na Mujhe Tum Dekho , Dil Main Chupa Lunga.
Ajeeb Dasta Hai Ye Na Wo Samajh Sake Na Hum.
Ajnabi Mujko Itna Bata Kyu Mera Dil Paresan Hai.
Akele Akele Kaha Ja Rahe Ho , Hume Sath Le Lo Jaha Ja Rahe Ho.
Akele Na Bazaar Jaya Karo Nazar Lag Jayegi.
Akhiya Milau Kabhi Akhiya Churau Merakhud Main Nahi Kabu.
Akho Ki Gustakiya Maaf Ho.
Akho Mai Base Ho Tum Tumhe Dil Main Chupa Lunga.
Aksar Is Duniya Main Anjane Milte Hai.
Ane Se Uske Aye Bahar Jane Se Uske Jaye Bahar Badi Mastani Hai Meri Mehbooba.
Apki Nazro Ne Samjha Pyar Ke Kabil Mujhe.
Ashiq Banaya Apne.
Aye Ho Meri Zindi Main Tum Bahar Bankar, Mere Dil Main Yuhi Rehna Tum Pyar Pyar Bankar.
Aznabi Mujhko Itna Bata , Kyu Mera Dil Paresan Hai.
Badan Pe Sitare Lapete Hue E Jane-E-Tamanana Kidhar Ja Rahe Ho.
Badi Kismat Wala Hai Wo Pyar Tera Jise Mila.
Bahut Pyar Karte Hai Tumko Sanam.
Bali Umar Main Lag Gaya Rog.
Ban Jao Meet Mere Aa Jao Jeevan Mai.
Ban Jaoo Meet Mere Ye Preet Amar Kar Do.
Bathe Bathe Uhi Kho Jata Hu Mai.
Bazigar Main Bazigar Dil Ki Bazi Jeeta Dil Harkar.
Bharo Phool Barsao Mera Mehboob Aaya Hai.
Bina Tere Kahi Bhi Dil Mera App Chain Na Paye.
Chal Padte Hai Tere Sath Kadam Main Rok Nahi Pata Hu.
Chala jata hu kisi ki dhun main dhalakte dil ke tarane liye
Chandan Sa Badan Chanchal Chitwan Dheme Se Tera Ye Muskana.
Chandi  Jaisa Rang Hai Tera Sone Jaise Bal. Ek Tuhi Dhanwan Hai Gori Baki Sab Kangal.
Chehra Hai Ya Chand Khila Hai.
Choti Si Umar Mai Lag Gaya Rog .
Chukar Mere Man Ko Diya Tune Kya Eshara.
Chum Lu Hot Tere.
Chura Ke Dil Mera Goriya Chali.
Chura Liya Hai Tumne Jo Dilko Nazar Nahi Churana Saman.
Dede Pyar Ki Mazorri.
Dekha Hai Pehli Bar Sajan Ki Akho Mai Pyar
Dekha Jo Tujhe Janam Hua Hai Bura Haal.
Dheere Dheere Bol Koi Sun Na Le.
Dil Aaj Shayar Hai.
Dil Bil Pyar Byar Mai Kya Janu Re , Janu To Janu Itna Sa Janu Tujhe Apna Janu Re.
Dil Cheer Ke Dekh Tera Hi Naam Hoga.
Dil Hai Tumhara Hum Hai Tumhare.
Dil Ke Jhaoke Main Tujko Bitakar , Yado Ko Teri Main Dulhan Banakar Rakhunga Mai  Dil  Ke Pass.
Dil Ki E Dhadkan Thahar Ja Mil Gayi Manjil Mujhe.
Dil Ko Mere Na Tadpao .
Dil Leke Dil Diya Hai.
Dil Main Dard Sa Jaga Hai.
Dil Main Halchal Se Hone Lagi Hai.
Dil Mein Mohabbat Hai Aankhon Mein Pyar.
Dil ne ye kaha hai dil se mohabbat ho gayi hai tumse
Dil Ne Ye Kaha Hai Dil Se Mohhabat Ho Gayi Tumse.
Dil Tera Diwana Hai.
Dil To Khoya Hai  Yahi Pe Kahi Pe.
Dil Zigar Se Guzri Hai, Ek Ladki Idhar Se Gujri Hai.
Door Nahi Ek Pal Rehna Hai.
Ek Aznabi Hasina Se Mulakat Ho Gayi.
Ek Chumma Tu Hamko Udharde De.
Ek Ladki Ko Dekha To Aisa Laga.
Ek Na Ek Din Ya Kahani Banegi Tu Mere Sapno Ki Rani Banegi.
Ek Sapna Lagta Hai Aana Tera.
En Akho Ki Masti Ke Diwane Hazaro Hai.
Gori Tera Gau Bada Pyara.
Gum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Main Dil Subha Sham.
Ha Maine Bhi Pyar Kiya.
Ha Mjuhe Pyar Hua Pyar Hua Alha Miya .
Had Se Bhi Jyada Tumko Pyar Karte Hai.
Hai Roop Main Itna Sadapan To Kitna Sundar Hoga Man.
Hamara Dil Apke Pass Hai.
Hamare Siva Tumhare Aur Kitne Deewane Hai .
Hame Aur Jine Ki Chahat Na Hoti , Agar Tum Na Hote.
Hame Jo Tumhara Sahara Na Milta Bhawar Main Hi Rehte Kinara Na Milta.
Hame Tumse Pyar Kitan Ye Hum Nahi Jante.
Hame Tumse Shayad Mohabbat Hui Hai.
Hamko Sirf  Tumse Pyar Hai .
Hamne Tumko Dil Ye Diya Ye Bhi Na Pucha Kaun Ho Tum..
Har Dil Jo Pyar Kargea.
Har Taraf Tera Jalwa.
Ho Gaya Hai Tujhko To Pyar Sajna , Lakh Kar Le Tu Inkar Sajna.
Ho Tumko Jo Pasand Bahi Bat Karenge.
Hope you liked Love Romantic Song Status For Whatsapp In Hindi .
Hot Rasile Tere Hot Rasile.
Hoti Hai Zindi Main Mohhabat Kabhi Kabhi.
Hoto Se Chu Lo Tum Mera Geet Amar Kar Do.
Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam.
Hum Hai Rahi Pyar Ke.
Hum Ji Nahi Sakte Tumhare Bina.
Hum Premi Prem Karna Jane.
Hum To Tere Ashiq Hai Sadiyo Purane Chahe Tu Mane Chahe Na Mane.
Hum Tum Pe Marte Hai.
Hum Tumse Juda Hokar Mar Jayenge Ro Ro Kar.
Humko Hami Se Chura Lo Dil Mai Kahi Tum Chupa Lo.
Husan Jawani Malamal Uff Teri Matwali Chal.
Inkar karna muskil hai ijhar karna muskil hai mehboob se mohabbat ka ikrar karna muskil hai
Insq Bina Kya Jina Yaro Ishq Bina Kya Marna.
Intha Hogayi Intzar Ki , Ayi Na Koi Khabar Mere Yar Ki.
Intzar Hi Tera Intzar Hai.
Is Pyar Se Meri Taraf Na Dekho Pyar Ho Jayega.
Ishq Samundar Dil-De Andar.
Itna Na Mujshe Pyar Bada Main Ek Badal Awara..
Jab Tak Jiyenge Mohabbat Karenge.
Jadu Bhari Akho Wali  Suno Tum Aise Mujhe Dekha Na  Karo.
Jadu Hai  Nasha Hai Madhosiya Hai.
Janam Janam Ka Sath Hai Tumhara Hamara.
Janam Samjha Karo.
Jawan Tum Ho Jawan Hum Hain .
Jindi Aur Kuch Bhi Nahi Teri Meri Kahani Hai.
Jindi Pyar Ka Geet Hai .
Kabhi Kabhi Mere Dil Mainl Khyal Ata Hai , Ki Tumko Banaya Gaya Hai Mere Liye.
Kale Hai To Kya Hua Dilwale Hai.
Kash Kahi Aisa Hota Ki Do Dil Hote Sine Mai.
Kaun Hai Jo Sapno Main Ayaa, Kaun Hai Jo Dil Mai Samaya.
Khawab Ho Ya Tum Koi Haqikat , Kaun Ho Tum Batlao.
Khuli Palak Mai Jhuta Gussa Band Palak Main Aah.. Jina Bhi Muskil Marna Bhi Muskil.
Kisi Din Banugi Main Raja Ki Rani .
Kisi Roj Unse Mulakat Hogi.
Kitna Hasin Chehra , Kitnie Pyari Akhe ..
Kitna Pyar Tumhe Karte Hai Aaj Hame Maloom Hua.
Koyal Si Teri Boli .
Kuch Kuch Hota Hai.
Kudrat Ne Banaya Hoga Fursat Se Tujhe Mere Yar.
Lakho Hai Mar Tum Sa Yaha Kaun Hasi Hai , Tum Zaan Ho Meri Tumhe Maloom Nahi Hai.
Love  Tujhe Love Main Karta Hu.
Luv Tere Amrit Ke Pyale.
Mai Kya Batau Kis Kis Tarha Se Pal Pal Mujhe Tu Satati.
Main Hu Tera Tu Hai Meri.
Main Kahi Kavi Na Ban Jau Tere Pyar Mai Kavita.
Main Koi Aisa Geet Gau , Aarzoo Jagau Agar Tum Kaho.
Main Tere Pyar Main Pagal Hu.
Main Tumse Milne Ayi Mandir Jane Ke Bahane.
Maine Pyar Tumhi Se Kiya Hai.
Mar Bhi Gaya To Main Tumko Karta Rhunga Pyar.
Mene Tere Liye Hi Saat Rang Ke Sapne Chune.
Mera Dil Bhi Kitna Pagal Hai , Ye Pyar To Tumse Karta Hai.
Mera dil tha akele tune khel aisa khela
Mera Pyar Keh Raha Hai Main Tujhe Khuda Bana Du.
Mera Pyar Yad Kar Ke Kabhi Akh Nam Na Karna.
Mere  Samne Wali Khidki  Main Ek Chand Ka Tukda Rehta Hai.
Mere Dil Main Aaj Kya Hai Tu Kahe To Main Bata Du.
Mere Khawo Main Tu Meri Saso Main Tu.
Mere Khawo Me Jo Aye Use Kaho Kabhi  Samne To Aye.
Mere Man Ki Ganga Aur Tere Man Ki Ganga Ka Bol Radha Bol Sangam Hoga Ki Nahi.
Mere Mehboob Tujhe Meri Mohabbat Ki Kasam.
Mere Pass Tera Dil Hai Mere Pyarki Nisani.
Mere Samne Wali Khidki Mai Ek Chand Ka Tukda Rehta Hai.
Mere Sapno Ki Rano Kab Ayegi Tu.
Meri  Tammano Ki Tasveer Tum Savar Do Pyasi Hai Zindgi Aur Mujhe Pyar Do.
Meri Khusio Ka Tu Hai Khazana.
Milo Na Tum To Hum Ghabraye Milo To Akh Churaye Hame Kya Ho Gaya Hai.
Milti Hai Zindi Main Mohhababat Kabhi Kabhi.
Mohabbat To Kartha Hai Sara Jamana.
Monika , O My Darling.
Mujhe Dor Koi Khiche Teri Aur Kiye Jaye.
Mujhe Ishq Hai Tumhi Se.
Mujhe Tum Jo Mil Gaye Ho Sara Jaha Mil Gaya.
Mujhe Tum Jo Mile Har Khusi Mil Gayi.
Na Jane Kaha Dil Kho Gaya.
Nazar Nazar Se Hal-E-Dil Ka Pata Chalta Hai.
Pal Bhar Ke Liye Hame Koi Pyar Kar Le.
Pal Do Pal Ka Sath Hai Tumhara Hamara.
Pal Pal Dil Ke Pas Tum Rehti Ho.
Pehle Pyar Ka Pehla Gum Pehli Bar Hai Akhe Num , Pehla Hai Tanhie Ka Ye Mausam.
Phoolo Sa Chenra Tera Kaliyo Si Muskan Hai .
Pyar Diwana Hota Hai.
Pyar Hamara Amar Rahega Yad Karega Jamana.
Pyar Nagma  Hai Sargam Hai.
Pyar To Hona Hi Tha.
Pyasa Hai Dil Mera.
Raho Main Unse Mulakat Ho Gayi.
Raja Ko Rani Se Pyar Ho Gaya.
Rehna Hai Tere Dil Mai.
Romantic Love Hindi Song WhatsApp Status
Roop Tera Mastana Pyar Mera Diwana.
Sagar Jaise Akho Wali Ye To Bata Tera Naam Hai Kya.
Sajan Mera Us Par Hai Milne Ko Dil Bekarar Hai.
Sanam Tere Ho Gaye Hum, Tere Pyarke Diwane Hum.
Sara jamana hasino ka diwana
Satho Janam Mai Main Tere Sath Rahunga Yar.
Sharabi Akhe Jo Teri Dekhi Sharabi Ye Dil Ho Gaya.
Tarif Karu Kya Uski Jisne Tumhe Banaya.
Tauba Tumhare Ye  Inshare , Hum To Diwane Hai Tumhare.
Tauba Ye Matbali Chal  Jhuk Jaye Phoolo Ki Dal.
Tera Ang  Sacha Sona Muskan Sache Moti , Tere Hot Hai Madushala To Roop Ki Hai Jyoti
Tera Jadu Chal Gaya.
Tera Mera Pyar Amar Phir Kyu Mukjo Lagta Hai Dar .
Tera Mujhse Hai Pehle Ka Nata Koi , Yuhi Nahi Dil Lubhata Koi
Tera Naam Lene Ki Chahat Hui Hai Hame Tumse Shayad Mohabbat Hui Hai.
Tera Saath Hai Kitna Pyara
Tere Bina Bhi Kya Jeena.
Tere Bina Zindi Se Koi Shikba To Nahi.
Tere Chehre Se Nazar Nahi Hathti
Tere Chere Main Vo Jadu Hai . Bin Door Khicha Chala Aata Hu
Tere Hi Sapne Lekar Main Soya Teri Hi Yado Main Jaga.
Tere Husan Ki Kya Tarrif Karu
Tere Mere Sapne Ab Ek Rang Hai.
Tere Pass Akar Mera Waqt Gujar Jata Hai
Tere Roop Nazar Main Hai Zadu, Teri Patli Kamar Main Hai Zadu
Tere Sine Main Mera Dil Dhadke Mere Sine Main Tera Dil.
Teri Adaoo Pai Marta Hu , Love Tujhe Love Main Main Karta Hu.
Teri Hire Jasie Akahe , Akho Main Hai Lakho Bate
Toda Ruk Jayegi To Tera Kya Gayega
Tu Jaha Chlega Mera Saya Sath Hoga
Tu Saawan Main Pyas
Tu Shayar Hai Main Teri Shyari.
Tujh Ko Kasam Inkar Na Kar
Tujhe Dekh Ke Ahe Bharta Hu, Love Tujhe Love Main Main Karta Hu.
Tujhe Dekha  To Ye Jana Sanam Pyar Hota Hai Diwana Sanam.
Tujhe Meri Mohabbat Ki Kasam
Tum Aa Gaye Ho Nor Aa Gaya Hai
Tum Dil Ki Dhandkan Main Rente Ho
Tum Har Ke Dil Apna Meri Jeet  Amar Kar Do
Tum Ho Mere Dil Ki Dhadkan.
Tum Meri Zindgi Ho.
Tum Roothi Raho Mein Manata Rahun
Tumhare Siva Kuch Na Chahat Karenge Jab Tak Jiyenge Mohabbat Karenge
Tumhe Dekh Ke To Lagta Hai Aise Baharo Ka Mausam Aya Ho Jaise
Tumsa Koi Pyara Koi Masoom Nahi Hai , Kya Cheez Ho Tum Malum Nahi Hai
Yadd Teri Aati Hai Humko Bahut Satati Hai
Ye Bandhan To Pyar Ka Bandhan Hai
Ye Dil Chahta Hai Tumhe Pyar Karna
Ye Dil Diwana Hai.
Ye Ishq Nahi Asan.. Bas Itna Smajh Lege.
Ye Jo Chilman Hai Dusman Hai Hamari.
Ye Jo Tei Payalo Ki Chan Chan Hai , Ashiko Ke Dil Ki Ye Dhakan Hai
Ye Kasia Rista Hai , Ye Kasia Nata Hai
Ye Mera Pehla Pehla Pyar Hai.
Ye Mera Prem  Patra Padkar Tum Nara Na Hona
You Are My Sonia.
Zadu Bahri Akho Wali Suno Tum Aise Mujhe Dekha Na Karo.
Zadu Hai Nasha Hai Madhosiya Hai
Zehar Hai Ya Pyar Hai Tera Chumma.

Hope this complete collection of Bollywood song statues that include Love, Romantic, Sad, and Cute all types Hindi Song Status for whatsapp have made you smile for a while.

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Inspirational Status For Whatsapp

Inspirational Status For Whatsapp are words of inspiration and motivation . We need to listen and read such lines each day to move ahead in life.

These are like magic words those transforms our life as these touch our soul.

There are plenty of examples when people feel inspired by reading inspirational words. After reading such words they take firm decisions and get strength to fight with life setbacks.

Inspirational Status For Whatsapp

Inspirational Status For Whatsapp 

I am able to conquer all my problems.

No one can make me feel inferior.

God is always with me.

My words are true like my work.

Wonders happen by normal people.

Go and tear the waves of unhappiness.

Today is the best time to do the right thing.

Solve your problems with calm mind.

We know Inspirational Status For Whatsapp are words that are necessary to give you invisible strength. In fact man is having some hidden powers and these powers can only be used after inspiration.

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Beautiful Love Status For Whatsapp

Beautiful Love Status For Whatsapp

Love is the most beautiful feelings of life.

You are my first and last love .

I am with you all the time , even I am thousands kilometers away.

Do not suspect my love else I will suspect God.

You are the answer of all my prayers.

I will keep you in my arms whole day and night .

Do not close your eyes , I see my self there. 

Beautiful Love Status For Whatsapp have increased your felling and love with your loves ones . Do not stop just after reading , please share these status too.

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Latest Whatsapp Status On Life

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Latest Whatsapp Status On Life

Latest Whatsapp Status On Life

Keep all worries today .

I have only one life , I know you also have only one.

No this impossible in this world , for optimistic .

Learn to live with pleasure.

Happiness and grief are two sides of life coin.

Accept challenges of life with smile .

Start your say with positive attitude.

You may die tomorrow so live today.

Your work will say real truth about you not your words.

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